Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can i host my wedding, party, picnic, etc in the Gardens?

Yes, you can by contacting the office and following the necessary proceedure.

+ Do you work on weekends and public holidays?

Yes, we do.

+ Am I to pay entry fee?


+ Do you provide chairs and tables?

No, we do not but you can come along with your's.

+ Do children pay to enter?

Yes, we have a flat entry fee for all entrants.

+ Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can at a fee

+ Can children climb the canopy walkway?

Yes, once the person can walk, they are qualified to walk on the walkway.

+ Can I bring my own barbecue stand, grill, burner, etc.

Yes, you can but you need to notify management in writing before bringing anything that has to do with fire.

+ Do you provide electricity?

No, you need to come with your own source of power.